August 1, 2014

Greetings and happy Friday!

Recently a mission’s trip team went to Nicaragua to help deliver wheelchairs with our distribution partner Metanoia Missions International. One of the team members was a FWM Board Member, Stuart, who shared this story of how they were able to provide mobility to multiple generations:

One of the wheelchairs we distributed was for Antonia, who is 92 years old and lives with her daughter, Emma and Emma’s daughter, Martha. It was amazing to see three generations living together with the youngest, Martha, being 47 years old. Martha was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 3 years ago. When we arrived, she was lying in a backroom unable to move. Considering that Emma must look after her elderly disabled mother, her husband who has advanced Parkinson’s disease and her daughter Martha with Multiple Sclerosis, we were unbelievably impressed with how clean the house was and how dedicated Emma remained. We loved that we had the opportunity to supply wheelchairs for both Antonia and Martha, who were both visibly overcome with joy as they were placed in their wheelchairs. The most touching part however, was Emma, who watched as her mother and daughter receive mobility and felt part of her own burden being lifted as well, “I am crying because I was not expecting this and it is a gift from God”.

When a mission team or our distribution partners work in the field, they sometimes find surprises. Like the story you just read, surprises are often additional family members or neighbors who are also in need of a wheelchair. Sometimes the surprises occur to the family members themselves as they have burdens lifted from them. We are so thankful the team in Nicaragua had an additional wheelchair with them that day, so that both grandmother and granddaughter could receive the gift of mobility. We are all so thankful to YOU for your support in providing the much needed wheelchairs to this special family.




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