Greetings and happy Monday!

On this 4thof July, as many of us celebrate the freedom we have, I want to thank you for giving freedom through the gift of mobility to over 781,000 recipients around the world. This week’s story of life-changing transformation comes to us from Zimbabwe:

In the Dete area of western Zimbabwe, lives a seven year old boy named Praise. Praise’s mother died a few years ago, but he is cared for by his aunt. He suffers from hydrocephalus, and therefore is unable to walk. Praise’s aunt would love to take him to both school and church but having to carry him is too much on her body. Unfortunately, his aunt has great challenges in moving him and so they are both confined to their home most days. Both Praise and his aunt were so relieved when they were given their free GEN_2 wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission, because it will allow Praise’s aunt to move him around much easier, allowing the two-some to go to church. The family also hopes to enroll Praise in school in the coming future.



Thank you for helping to ease the burdens of Praise’s aunt and giving her freedom to live an easier life. Because of you, she can move him around and take him to church. Because of you, Praise now has access to his community and hopefully the ability to attend school – freeing him from his home. Thank you!






Join us on July 22nd for our 11thAnnual Magic of Mobility event – click below for more information or to purchase event tickets.

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