Greetings and happy Friday!

Last week I was in China training one of our distribution partners on the proper way to fit a wheelchair recipient in our GEN_2 wheelchairs. My co-leader was FWM’s own Noelle Simpson. This week Noelle tells a story of one of the young ladies she met:

I was blessed to meet Cui and her family while we were in China. Cui is 22 years old and suffered with Polio as a child. As a result, she is unable to walk and her parents must carry her and help her to do almost all daily activities. Her mother does not work so she can give her daughter the round-the-clock care she so desperately needs, but this has caused financial strain on the family. Cui has hoped for so long to be mobile, and was excited to receive her new GEN_2 wheelchair! She expressed great joy and her parents were extremely happy, constantly smiling knowing that life will be a little easier for their daughter.

Thank you for helping Cui to become mobile and lead a happier and more independent life she so desperately hoped for. Because of YOU we are able to give the gift of mobility around the world –THANK YOU!





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