Ambassadors amaze us constantly! The fun ideas they are able to come up with, their passion to help us raise funds for wheelchairs and their heart for our mission is truly extraordinary to us.

This week’s Ambassador Highlight is about Felix who is shocking us everyday, in a great way. When Felix first spoke with our staff about becoming an ambassador he had so many ideas on how to help raise funds that we didn’t know which direction he would run first. Instead, Felix ran in multiple directions and has been someone we have absolutely loved getting to know.

From email blasts to his close friends about Free Wheelchair Mission, to sending out our coffee table books to those he thought would be motivated by it, to personally asking friends and family members to become sponsors of our big gala in July, Magic of Mobility; Felix has been getting wheelchairs funded left and right!  In fact – in the past two and half months Felix has already raised 321 wheelchairs. That is over half a container!


Felix is continuing to put the name of Free Wheelchair Mission out there and he is just getting started. Not too long ago he made a great video to help his fundraising efforts. You can watch his video by clicking on the YouTube video below.

Felix, thank you for all that you are doing. Thank you for your true, heartfelt passion for our mission and for sharing the story of what a wheelchair can do for those around the world in need. You are awesome – and we love all that you are doing. Keep up the GREAT work.


One thought on “Ambassador Highlight: Passion in Action

  1. Thanks Felix, you are amazing spreading the word about FWM and the millions of people around the world who lack mobility!

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