Lotus Blossom, one of the first recipients of our Gen_1 wheelchairs, is a young girl who lives in Chennai, India. When Don first met her and gave her a wheelchair, he never imaged the impact she would have in his life. We had the great blessing of being able to share her story over video which you can view here.

12 years after Lotus Blossom received her chair, Ellen Gaffney wrote her first children’s book, inspired by none other than Lotus Blossom herself. “Wings for a Flower” was self-published in late 2013 with the help of Three Bean Press. The book is 32 pages and covers the story of Lotus Blossom and how receiving the wheelchair changed her entire life. Ellen first heard about Lotus Blossom when her friend and our founder, Don, returned from India and shared it with her. In 2005 she had the opportunity to participate in a Vision Trip to India with FWM and was able to meet Lotus Blossom herself, who after having the wheelchair for 4 years, had learned to walk short distances with the help of her Gen_1 wheelchair!

Truly moved by Lotus Blossom’s story, Ellen decided to write Lotus Blossom’s story into a children book so that she could share the transforming gift of a wheelchair with children all over the world.  She created the pictures using collages and a variety of papers such as tissue paper, brown paper bags and catalogs to beautifully capture all the images of India as seen through Ellen’s eyes.

We here at Free Wheelchair Mission are so touched by this beautiful book and by the sweet story it tells of one of the recipients that is always in our hearts.

You can purchase the book on Ellen’s website. An extra added bonus is that all the proceeds benefit Free Wheelchair Mission by providing mobility to others in need!

Thank you Ellen, for loving our mission as we do and for sharing the story of one of our sweet recipients in a way that only you could! It is a beautiful picture of what mobility does every day for those around the world and we are so grateful you put your time and effort into creating such a special book!


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