Greetings and happy Friday!

In the United States it is rare for a child to drop out of school due to illness. In the developing world it is far too common. One of our distribution partners in Indonesia, Access Life Bali, brings us this story:

As a young child growing up in Indonesia, Yudi was like many children; playing with friends, helping around the house and going to school. When he was five years old, Yudi contracted an illness that caused a high fever and seizures. Now at 14 years old, Yudi wants to be part of his community and see the sun, unfortunately since his illness, he has regressed to not being able to walk. He is left most days in a back room of his home he shares with his grandparents, his caregivers. On rare occasions his grandparents would carry him to the porch in the morning. He would then stay there all day and his grandparents would take him to bed in the evening. They wanted nothing more than a wheelchair for their grandson, but that dream was too big due to their limited finical means. 

The day Yudi received a wheelchair their dreams came true! Yudi was so excited to be outside in his new wheelchair, with his new found freedom. Yudi was a sight to see his first day out of his home, but the village was so happy to celebrate with him. Yudi is so excited for his wheelchair and is learning how to use it himself to enjoy his new freedom further.

THANK YOU so much for helping young people across the world like Yudi. Because of YOU, his grandparent’s dreams have come true, and we are sure some of Yudi’s will too with his new freedom!





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