Greetings and happy Friday!

The gift of a wheelchair often brings more to the recipient’s life than just mobility. It can also bring about a sense of relief, it can ease a burden and it can change the lives of not only the recipient but their caregivers. This week’s story really shows how the gift of a wheelchair can lift up a recipient and change the lives of those around them; it comes to us from Colombia and our Distribution Partner, Children International:

Francia is a 51 year old mother of one adult daughter. Fourteen years ago, Francia began suffering from a disease that has robbed her of the ability to see and walk. She also has a tumor which has been operated on but still requires further surgery. Francia worries about her daughter Yani-Patricia and the life she is missing out on due to having to be the main caretaker for her mother. “My daughter sometimes asks me why I have a sad expression and I tell her it’s because I’m thinking about how I don’t want to be like this—this is hard—and that you don’t go out because you’re here taking care of me,” Francia says. The gift of this wheelchair has given her joy and Francia can now more easily move around her home, go to the bathroom alone and finally leave her home for fresh air, without having to ask for assistance.

With your help, you not only provided Francia the gift of freedom, but you also gave the gift of freedom to her daughter Yani-Patricia. Because of YOU, both ladies have found an independence they so desperately need: Francia can now be more independent while Yani-Patricia can now have the freedom to pursue activities on her own and be less worried about her mother. THANK YOU!




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