Greetings , and happy Friday!

This weekend is Mother’s Day, and as we celebrate the fantastic women in our lives, I wanted to share a story with you of how a mother’s wheelchair has helped her entire family. Our story comes from our Distribution Partner, World Vision Mali:

Kadiatou is a wife and mother of four. As a child, Kadiatou was very active, playing in her yard, talking with friends, but it all came to a halt when one morning at the age of eight years old, she woke unable to use her legs. She has spent the last 40 years of her life crawling on her hands and elbows. Twenty-one years ago she was gifted a hand cycle from a man. It was a great piece of equipment for long distances, but was impractical for use inside of her home, so she had to rely on help from her husband and children to do the daily chores. Now, Kadiatou says, “I am glad that Free Wheelchair Mission and World Vision have given me a wheelchair because I can use it inside the house as it is small and can turn easily.”

 Receiving a wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission also provided more opportunities for Kadiatou’s family. Without a way to get around inside her home, one of Kadiatou’s children would have soon been forced to drop out of school to help around the house. All of her children can now go to school without worrying about their mother. Kadiatou’s husband, Salim, is also able to work now, increasing their family income. Kadiatou has always been determined to not allow her disability to get the best of her. The gift of mobility has birthed an entrepreneurial initiative in Kadiatou. She grows potatoes and peanuts in her garden and sells homemade bissap juice (made from the hibiscus flower). Additionally, Kadiatou crochets hats and styles women’s hair. Her success in the marketplace has allowed her to purchase a deep freezer and expand her sales to include ice and cold water. “I am glad I have a wheelchair. I think it is the will of God; God wants me to have one,” Kadiatou stated.

Because of YOU – Kadiatou has been able to financially support her family; because of YOU – Salim was also able to get a job to help his family; because of YOU – four children in Mali continue with their education. Thank you for helping us provide this hardworking mother with a wheelchair that has given her the ability to provide for her family in the ways that only mothers can.





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