Greetings , and happy Friday!

A few months back I shared a story from my trip to Uganda. This week I would like to share with you another story from my trip of a beautiful woman named Zwena, a mother:

As we approached Zwena’s home, we found her waiting expectantly, seated on a block of wood in her dusty yard. Her big smile greeted us as we approached with a new GEN_1 wheelchair for her. Family and friends stood nearby anticipating what was about to happen. Zwena told us that she suffered a serious, undiagnosed illness about 10 years ago which resulted in the loss of all strength in her legs. Her young son, who was now 20, had been her main caregiver ever since. Often he had to leave his mother at home, but she longed to get out and see others and to help her son around the home.

 We knew it is best if a person can get into the wheelchair unassisted, but it was difficult to watch her determined struggle to do so. She began crawling the few short steps to the wheelchair, scooting and pulling herself with her hands. Unable to lift herself after all, a few of our strong team members gently lifted her into the wheelchair and her smile got even bigger and her eyes began to fill with tears. The relief and emotion on her son’s face was obvious, as he barely held back his tears. Now his life had been changed by the gift of mobility, too.  He wanted to give his mother the independence she craved, but didn’t know how to do so, now she had it! In the following days of our trip, it was such a joy for us to see Zwena in her wheelchair by the edge of the street watching the town’s activities as she had longed to do. She would smile and wave to us every time we passed. 


We were blessed to meet Zwena and her son, what a joy these two individual were for us. We believe no one should have to crawl and thanks to YOU, Zwena doesn’t have to crawl. Thanks to YOU, she can now be an active member of her community!



Watch this video of Zwena and her son, both thrilled for her to receive her wheelchair!


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