Greetings  and happy Friday!

Hope, dignity, independence. These are all things many of us take for granted at one point or another. It is bad enough struggling with these feelings, but when they are compounded with the loss of mobility, life is truly difficult. This week I share a story of a young man in India:

Ruben was the only member of his family to go to school and during his 12thstandard (similar to 12thgrade in the US) he had to drop out of school to care for his ailing parents. He got a job as a painter and worked hard to provide for his family. Four years ago he became sick with a severe fever that affected his brain. The fever was so extreme that it caused paralysis of both of his legs. 

 After taking care of his ailing parents for over a decade, the 30 year old man was now dependent upon his elderly father to care for him. Ruben became tremendously bored sitting at home and lost hope that he would ever be able to care for himself again. With the help of our distribution partner, Christian Mission Charitable Trust, Ruben’s hope for independence was restored as he was given his very own GEN_1 wheelchair. 

This weekend we are wrapping up our Give-Up 2-Give-Campaign. For those of you that gave up something to provide someone around the world, like Rueben, mobility –THANK YOU. If you have not yet given up something: a steak dinner, a night out on the town with your spouse, etc., I ask you to prayerfully consider helping to give new hope to someone you will never meet.





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