The Volunteerism Awards are only two days away and we only have one more volunteer to share! We have talked about Evan as well on the blog and we are excited to celebrate him and the award ceremony this week!

Evan first volunteers for Free Wheelchair Mission in 2012 at the Long Beach Marathon. Since then, he has been a dedicated weekly volunteer who is always willing to help in any way that he can. His heart for Free Wheelchair Mission is evident in his dedication to come in week after week.

He has helped with many tasks including: management of our warehouse, wheelchair inventory and individual wheelchair shipping procedures. These tasks are not easy and can be somewhat disorganized by nature but are tasks that are crucial to our fundraising and spreading awareness of our vision. He has made things run smoother and words do not suffice to express our gratitude for his dedication.

Above it all, he is considered a friend to everyone in the office and everyone loves when he comes in to volunteer. Evan is consistent, innovative, hardworking and a great friend to all of us. His efforts have truly made a difference in our office and those in need of a wheelchair around the world!

Please click here to see his official nomination and wish him a congratulations!


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