As most of you know, our distribution partners often travel to some of the most remote areas of the world to provide the gift of mobility. But it is their life’s work to lift people off of the ground and into their own wheelchair. The story below is from Causes for Change, our partner in Panama.

We had a wheelchair for Kevin, an 8 year old living with his parents in a very remote town of Guayabal. In order to deliver the wheelchair we had to travel by walking two hours, the wheelchair was delivered by horseback. The entire time it was raining very hard and we had to navigate through the mud. But we did not complain, we needed to see this family and provide Kevin with a wheelchair. 


Kevin’s family live by very meager means. They live off the land by growing their own beans, fishing and raising some of their own livestock. Their home is dark and has very little ventilation.  They also do not have an adequate chair for Kevin to sit in, so he spent much of his time alone in a hammock or inside on the floor. As he continues to grow, it has been more and more difficult for his mother to carry him or take him outside, so the wheelchair will really help, it will keep him safe and allow him to enjoy the scenery around their home. 


When Kevin saw the chair he became emotional as it reminded him of when his mother has to take him on a monthly basis to his doctor appointments by bus. The wheelchair made him feel like he had his own car with wheels, it was a beautiful thing to experience, his smile, and his happiness said it all. His mother too was happy and appreciative of how the wheelchair will help her as well.

Our distribution partners work hard and often under difficult conditions. We are so thankful for each of our partners who have the drive to provide mobility; we couldn’t do it without them. We also couldn’t do it without you and your support. Thank you for making children like Kevin have a brighter tomorrow.




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