We love the unique and special ways that our ambassadors give up for mobility! This one connects our love of mobility and health and wellness into a tightly wrapped bow!

Melody heard about Free Wheelchair Mission in 2007 when she was in Physical Therapy school. Her professor, Dr. Susan Shore, was working on doing pressure mapping research for our Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchairs (Dr. Susan Shore has also done a study on the impact of our wheelchairs which you can see here). While Melody was in Dr. Shore’s class, Don (our founder) came to speak to her class about our mission. Melody has had a heart for the mission since that day. Over the years she donated periodically and then in 2008, together with her sister, they raised $1500 for the Run for Mobility.

Melody now owns her own Physical Therapy Clinic and we just recently found out that Melody donates to Free Wheelchair Mission on behalf of her patients! After the patients first six visits, Melody makes a donation of a wheelchair in their name. How cool is that??

Melody told us “ not only is FWM a great cause, but my own religious beliefs and those of FWM are totally in sync, which is why FWM is the most perfect fit for me and my business”.

Melody also shared with us that considering physical therapy and wheelchairs go together, it feels even more perfect to promote FWM at her clinic. She states it perfectly, “Its a no brainer!”

Melody isn’t just stopping at donating on her patients behalf and sharing about FWM at her clinic, she is also hoping to arrange a fundraising group in the next year or two and have them all compete together at the Run for Mobility! Run, Team Melody, Run!

Thank you Melody, from the bottom of our hearts. You are doing something so cool and your heart and passion for our mission is inspiring to us on here on staff, and hopefully to each one of our readers!



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