Greetings, and happy Friday!

Being in the field, on a missions trip in a remote part of the world is a highlight of my job. A few weeks ago, Angela Gomez, FWM’s Director of Development and I led a trip of supporters into the rural areas of Uganda. Here is a story shared by Angela:

From the capital city of Kampala, where we flew into, we drove a long, grueling six hours into the Eastern part of Uganda across roads barely passable. Our team was informed of a young girl who needed a wheelchair.  At first we were told she was 13 years old, but later the town official stated she may be 15.  The truth was, no one really knew but we were certain she was a petite young lady so we packed up a small GEN_2 wheelchair and drove to meet her.  When we arrived in her small village we found Elioa alone in her hut lying in a dark room on a handmade leaf mat.  Elioa’s parents had abandoned her at age six because they did not know how to care for her, could not afford to do so and felt shame of her being disabled; to us it appeared she displayed signs of Cerebral Palsy.  Her grandparents had taken the responsibility of caring for her, but left her alone in their hut each day to work in the fields. When they got word we were there to give Elioa a wheelchair, they came home to meet with us. They told us they had been praying for help for many years; their prayers were answered, but they never imagined one day their granddaughter would get a wheelchair for free and visitors from America.  They were so grateful and stated they will use the wheelchair to get their granddaughter out to see “life” outside her hut and to spend time with the other children.   

It was so wonderful to meet Elioa and her grandparents. They were overjoyed and so were we. Thank you for answering the prayers of this sweet family in Uganda. You may never meet them, but they are praying today for each of you that made this gift a reality.




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