and happy Friday!

Last week Free Wheelchair Mission Staff member, Ariel and six ladies from the Chicago area packed their bags for a life changing distribution trip to El Salvador. Life changing for themselves and for a toothless little boy named Brian:

On our first day of home deliveries of wheelchairs around the capital city of San Salvador, we met a sweet young boy named Brian. He was paralyzed from a birth defect and has no mobility from the waist down. Like many boys his age, he loves going to school, but was a little shy around so many new visitors. Once he warmed up, he gave us his mega-watt toothless grin!

 Brian lives with his parents and sister only a few blocks from the school, so his mother Lydia has been able to carry him to and from school each day to make sure he receives an education. When we arrived at their family home we found Brian eagerly awaiting our arrival, dressed in his crisp blue and white school uniform. He was very excited to show off his bright orange toy truck and Spiderman backpack! Brian attends afternoon classes at school, and we had arrived with just enough time to custom fit his brand-new GEN_2 wheelchair before he needed to leave. As we walked with Brian and Lydia along their usual route to school, several neighbors came out of their homes to share their excitement about Brian’s new wheelchair. When we arrived at the open-air school, we were thrilled to discover that his school already has ramps installed, which will mean Brian can roll right into his classroom without needing to navigate around stairs. He was greeted by his classmates and several teachers who were excited to check out his new wheels, and celebrate Brian’s gift with lollipops!

This wheelchair will be a true blessing to Brian and his family. His mother, Lydia carried her growing son each day on her back to go to school – that burden has been lifted off of her shoulders as physically she won’t have to carry him, but also Brian will gain self-confidence among his peers, that’s a blessing in-itself. Thank you for making this family’s life a little easier.



2 thoughts on “Friday Story: A Chance to go to School

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a donated (or at least discounted) power wheelchair for my friend with muscular dystrophy who lives in Honduras. Can you point me toward help? Thanks,
    Maren Brinkerhoff

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