February 21, 2014

Greetings , and happy Friday!

Last week one of our employees, Georgia, was in Jamaica on a distribution trip with a group of supporters who have been raising money for the sweet people of that country since 2010 and have raised funds to provide almost 1,650 individuals a wheelchair! Here is a story from Georgia about a young man she met, Dominique:

Dominique was the very first wheelchair recipient we met on the trip. His teacher had heard about Free Wheelchair Mission through our partner’s (Associated Gospel Assemblies) television show.  His teacher was moved and decided to bring him to our distribution site.  The two hour drive to get him there was worth it to her.  Dominque’s caretaker wasn’t even aware of this surprise.  At first Dominique was very shy and quiet as we sat him in his chair and adjusted it for him.  We learned that from birth he had a heart condition that kept him from growing and moving properly and his feet soon became infected.  His teacher explained that he did need to see a doctor about it, but there were no extra funds to bring him in.  So we decided to take it a step further and pay the bill! The entire team piled into the bus and we took an hour’s drive to bring Dominique and his teacher to the doctor.  After a few hours he came out bandaged up and with medication.  We decided to see him through the entire way and took him another hour down the road to his home.  When we arrived at his home, his school’s principal, caregiver, and all his friends and, I think the entire town, were present!  

As we sat him in his chair, they were all surprised and his friends started to chase him as he wheeled his way around.  It seemed like he was a professional already as he sped forward, backward, sideways, everywhere, and he started to laugh, smile, high five, and even fist bump the crowd.  In fact one of his friends came up to wheel him and playfully Dominique shouted, “My Chair” and laughed.  

We asked if we could pray over him and with a peaceful countenance he closed his eyes.  We said goodbye and he and his community took him in for dinner. What a joy!  His little personality just needed a boost!  Literally, into his very own freedom!

Dominque needed a personality boost. It is because of the efforts of the Ja’Mobility team, the volunteers on the ground in Jamaica and YOU that his spirits were lifted! Thank you!


Don Schoendorfer

PS: Watch this quick video clip of Dominique in his new wheelchair!

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