Free Wheelchair Mission Ambassadors are all over the world. For this highlight we are going to zoom into Chicago where a group of ladies are continuing to wow us with their passion for mobility.

Felicia Cohn, Marci Barth, Deb Kepler, Georgeann Ratko, Linda Ragins, Bari Slack, Evan Inkkman, Jill Klein and Laurie Rosen(all pictured above except Laurie) are some of the woman that work hard to raise money for wheelchairs in the Chicago area. So far they have raised enough for over 7,000 wheelchairs!! Can you believe it?  Right now they are about to head off to El Salvador but before they do – they threw a Winter Social on behalf our our mission.Winter Social Invitation

The event was on February 1st at a restaurant called Vibe at 1935 in Highland Park, Il. In a single evening, these ladies got together a few hundred of their local supporters, a great band: Not for Profit and raised over 80 wheelchairs! Yes – in a single night!!

The ladies shared with us that they are so grateful for their community’s unwavering  support. Well we here at Free Wheelchair Mission are so grateful for all the ladies who help continue to make mobility happen!

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