We here at Free Wheelchair Mission love our Founder, Don Schoendorfer and his mustache. His pure passion and conviction to help those in the developing world encourages all of us and often our supporters, as well. We love hearing stories about how Don’s sincerity affects others and today we wanted to share with you one supporter and how he shows his love for FWM and Don.

Greg met Don nine years ago at the Christian Leadership Association meetings in Long Beach. In 2005, when the tsunami hit southeast Asia, Greg worked hard with the local congregation to provide chairs to several thousand individuals. To Greg, Don represents the incarnation of compassion, mercy and justice in our society today (we think so too Greg!). Greg also shared with us that he constantly points to Don as an example of how ordinary individuals can make an extraordinary difference in the lives of countless people.

As a way of sharing his own passion with Don and Free Wheelchair Mission, Greg has written quite a few poems over the years about both Don and the mission. We got our hands on one of them and wanted to share it with you. You can click here and check out his blog as well. Don titled Greg the poet laureate for FWM and we are excited to share Greg’s work with you today!

The Don of a New Day

There’s Donald Duck and Donald Trump

And Donald Runsefeld, too.

There’s Don Quixote, Don Corleone

and Don Ameche who

Are quite well-known in movies, news

And even on TV.

But there’s another Don I know

Who mean s a lot to me.

This engineer from M.I.T.

was not content with fame.

Don Schoendorfer quit his job

to serve and help the lame.

Free Wheelchair Mission is his cause.

It’s a global charity

that lifts the lame from off the dirt

and grants them dignity.

The night of shame and loneliness

that held the helpless down

has been displaced by rays of hope

in villages and towns.

This Don who models God’s free grace

to those who crawl on clay

is one I proudly call my friend.

The Don of a new day.

Thanks Greg for this uplifting poem about Don and for your constant passion and drive for Free Wheelchair Mission! We are inspired by you!!


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