Greetings , and happy Friday!

It is not uncommon for a story to come to us about how a wheelchair gives new hope, dignity or independence to an individual or family. Sometimes those gifts turn into the ability to go to school, get a job or be active in one’s community. Here is one such story from Zambia: 

One man, Jesse, came on his own (to a wheelchair distribution) in an old, run-down chair. It had a flat tire, no foot pedals, and looked very well used. His chair looked to be an older version of a Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchair. Jesse was very excited for the opportunity to receive a new chair.

Following the Gospel message that was given at the end of the distribution, Jesse prayed to receive Christ. He was in tears for the message of hope and for his new wheelchair. He explained, “I will now be able to move around better and be able to go get food and other supplies that I can sell in my community”. The money he will make will earn will provide for his most basic living needs. For this young man, the gift of mobility meant hope for a greater sense of independence and self-sustainment, knowing he could take better care of himself.


This week I am reminded that we provide wheelchairs because Christ has called us to, so that we CAN make a difference in someone else’s life. Thank you for helping Jesse receive hope!


Don Schoendorfer


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