Greetings , and happy Friday!

Each week I bring you a story of a wheelchair recipient and how their lives have been changed because of a wheelchair YOU helped provide for them. For some it brings a chance to go to school, for others an opportunity to get a job. For some individuals the gift of a wheelchair is a demonstration of God’s love and care for them. This week Elvin Cerna of Tree of Life Missions, our partner in Honduras, shares this story:

“In these occasions of giving away wheelchairs we have found people that have been rejected by their families, people with back injuries that can only lie flat because they don’t have a wheelchair. I have found and seen all types of cases and stories that would make even the hardest hearts cry. But the most important thing is that we have supplied the necessities of people through this one act of love, the gift of a wheelchair. They have been given hope.

I recently had the privilege to meet Darlin Paz, from the city of Puerto Cortes. Two years ago this 22 year old young man fell from a tree and broke his back and as a result can no longer walk. He lives alone and receives no help in taking care of himself. He is convinced that God is the one who has helped him and will continue to help him. He has no family and doesn’t have a job, but he knows God is there for him. He was so thankful for his wheelchair, knowing it is a blessing in his life and will help him.”


It is heartbreaking to me to hear stories of young people without family. It is devastating to hear of young people who have no family and have major disabilities. But it warms my heart to know that Darlin has God to provide for him. My heart also rejoices knowing that we – you and I – could help provide Darlin with a wheelchair that will make his difficult days easier and have given him hope. THANK YOU!


Don Schoendorfer


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