Our ambassadors do so many different things to help our team and we are always so amazed by unique ways they get involved! We want to introduce you to the wonderful Mike and Maureen Pace who have been ambassadors of ours since 2007! Because of them we have been able to connect with the Red Cross in Baja, California which has allowed us to build up our distribution network in Mexico. Mike and Maureen did a little Q&A for us sharing their Ambassador Testimony and we had to let you in on it!


1. How did you hear about Free Wheelchair Mission and what drew you to our mission?

We first heard of FWM at Mariners Church in Irvine.  Kenton Beshore, the Senior Pastor, had returned from a trip with a group and was riding around the stage in a chair doing wheelies & talking about what a wonderful experience he had had with the chairs.  Mike and I [Maureen] got excited about these since we travel up & down the Baja peninsula many times in a year and know they must have a need for these………sure enough we’ve found many needs.

Mike with our Free Wheelchair Mission Staff in Mexico

2. Why does FWM stand out to you in comparison to other charities?

FWM is exciting to us because it is a charity that makes immediate difference in their lives and helps entire families.

3. Why do you have a heart for the people living in Baja?

We’ve been traveling in Baja for over 40 years and have really gotten to know the people in many of the towns.  We’ve taken medical supplies to really rural areas, given gifts to the different families and the appreciation they show to us is over the top heart-warming.  No matter how poor they are, they always share food with us & their hospitality is overwhelming.

4. What was the most moving wheelchair recipient story or what was something you learned from the experience of distributing our wheelchairs?

This was actually in Rosarito and had been at a breakfast meeting with a Rotary club.  We went with the president of the club to take a chair & had to follow the recipient’s father in his taxi to get to their home as it was so far into the barrio.  We got there and the parents carried him out of their house, really a shack, and put him in a chair. It was the first time he’d been out of house in a long time.  I don’t believe we’ve ever seen anyone as happy as he was.  He has cerebral palsy and could only use sign language to communicate.  He was so wonderful that we gave him one of the first books about FWM, for no reason except we liked him so much.  He opened the book and saw the man with no legs. He motioned to his father to come look, he signed to his dad “I have legs”.  Mike and I were watching this and we thought that maybe he had never seen a handicapped person….and this man was worse off than he was, he was so proud to have legs.  Needless to say, that was a heart wrenching moment!!

Mike and Maureen are so great to our organization and because of their support they have been able to help us give out more wheelchairs to those in need in Mexico!

Thank you Mike and Maureen! You are AWESOME!

Rosarito, Mexico 016


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