janae and jake

Let me introduce you to Janae – a 12 year old in Calgary, Alberta who has changed lives through mobility. Janae was 10 years old when she decided she wanted to get involved with a charity to focus her attention on something that mattered and get away from the drama of school. Her grandfather, Jake, showed her a video of our organization after school one day and she couldn’t believe her eyes and the reality of how many people needed wheelchairs.

From there, she worked with family and friends to plan fundraisers for wheelchairs, often with the encouragement from her Papa, Jake Funk. Janae has had a wide range of fundraisers including bake sales, selling bracelets and putting on a garage sale. She has also been bold and brave enough to speak on our behalf at a Network 21 Conference and separately at a concert. This girl is on fire for Free Wheelchair Mission and we love it!!

Janae started with a small goal, and has steadily increased it.  She says it’s been hard to keep track of how much money she has has raised to date, but believes it’s safe to say that with the help of some matching grants, her recent goal of 550 wheelchairs, which is how many fit into a shipping container, has been reached!  But Janae will not stop at a set number, and those that know her know that there is no doubt she will continue with her passion!!  She was also featured as an Inspiring Albertan with a local news station. If you want to see a short news clip about her sharing her story, you can do so by clicking here.

One day she hopes to go with her Papa on a distribution trip to see the power of a wheelchair first hand.

Well Janae, we hope you can go on a distribution trip one day too! Thanks for lifting people up off the ground through your fundraising efforts. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND ALL YOU ARE DOING FOR THE DISABLED POOR IN THE WORLD!


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