Greetings and Happy Friday!

In the last three weeks I have shared stories of Elida, Eugene, and Luong.  Three individuals who not only are featured on Free Wheelchair Mission’s Christmas cards this year, but also recipients of our wheelchairs who have overcome obstacles and remain happy and excited to have received a wheelchair that you provided for them.  This week, as we soar into Christmas, may you be blessed by the story of a young boy living in Uganda.


In spite of never being able to walk and his dependency on others, Waiswa never gave up on his desire to go to school. However, entering into his third year of school he was getting too heavy for his father to carry him. With the gift of mobility and seated in a new wheel­chair, Waiswa now has so many places he wants to go! He continues to attend school, is able to be outside among his friends, and even ventures into town on his own with fewer obstacles to over­come. Waiswa not only received the gift of mobility; he received the gift of life given through Jesus Christ. His joy is contagious!

305914_457591424298559_1752220561_nIsn’t it amazing that as we celebrate the birth of Jesus this week that Waiswa gave his life to the Lord because of the gift YOU gave to him?  That young boy accepted Christ because someone in America cared for him and showed him love by providing him a wheelchair – an aide he so desperately needed to make his life easier.

I am so blessed each day that friends like you give more than a gift – you give mobility!

Merry Christmas,



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