Throughout the Holidays, we love to recognize some of our most dedicated supporters: Our Ambassadors. Ambassadors work tirelessly to spread awareness and embody the voice of those still without a wheelchair. Today we want to recognize an family of FWM ambassadors from Wheeling, West Virginia.

Chuck and Suzy
Chuck and Suzy Miller


Since 2008, Ambassadors Chuck, Suzy, Eli, and Luke Miller have raised about 800 wheelchairs and gave the gift of dignity, independence and hope to each of the recipients. You’re probably wondering, well how do they do it? For the past 6 years, the family has put on the Annual Wheeling Run, Walk, and Roll 5K and Kid’s Fun Run. Their last race was on July 20, 2013. Despite rain and thunderstorms, the event yielded 330 runners (largest amount yet!), 80 volunteers, and raised over $13,700 to provide 192 people the gift of mobility. This race was part of a Tier 1 Race in the Health Plan’s Grand Prix Series.

Due to money raised from sponsorships, Chuck and Suzy Miller ensure that 100% of race registration money goes to the disabled poor to fund wheelchairs to under resourced parts of the world. At different mile markers, Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchairs are placed to remind runners what they are running for. Chuck and Suzy have helped keep enthusiasm for Free Wheelchair Mission high in Wheeling, West Virginia for over 6 years. Although our headquarters is over 2,300 miles away, Wheeling, WV holds a special place in our hearts for their dedication and love for our mission. It is because of people like Chuck, Suzy, Eli, Luke, and all others who participated in the Run, Walk, Roll, Free Wheelchair Mission is able to continue the good work of gifting mobility to those who desperately need it.

We are more than grateful for the Miller family and the success of this year’s Run, Walk, Roll that it has become one of our highlights of 2013. Thank you, Chuck and Suzy, for all your hard work!!!

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