Greetings and happy Friday!

One of our 2013 Christmas cards features a lovely couple from Vietnam, Luong Chieu and his wife of over 60 years. I shared this man’s story with you in March of 2011, but with him being featured on one of this year’s cards I want to remind you of someone’s life you changed.

Luong is a husband, a father of 12, grandfather and great-grandfather of nearly 60! When we met him a few years ago he was 80 years young and full of happiness. He served in the South Vietnamese Army from 1959 to 1975, where he worked the Seabee base near Danang. He was one of the many who unfortunately got caught in the departure of our military and was sent to camps to help him to “rethink his beliefs of freedom from the communist government”. 

Three years prior to us meeting Luong, he suffered a stroke which left him with paralysis and unable to go outside. When he received his wheelchair he was overflowing with happiness! A huge, toothless grin was coupled with his arms waving around in excitement! He spoke of the places he could go and the things he could do with his gift of a GEN_2 wheelchair.


Despite his paralysis and a life that has seen challenges and war, Luong strives to be happy and see the good in what he has. Because of you, his good has increased with the gift of a wheelchair. As we come closer to the holidays, I thank you for stopping and keeping Free Wheelchair Mission in your thoughts. We truly could not lift lives without you –Thank you!

Merry Christmas,

Don Schoendorfer


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