Greetings , and happy Friday Monday!

Since the start of the Matching Gift Challenge we have traveled to Botswana, China, Chile, Ecuador, India, and to Nepal. This week we will travel over 2,900 miles to Palestine where we meet Basel.

Basel is 15 years old and has not had the use of his legs since birth. He used a wheelchair to get around and to go to school, but a few years ago it broke and his family could not afford to purchase a new one or fix the old one. He still continued to go to school but he found it extremely difficult to maneuver and use the restroom. He was so embarrassed to ask classmates for help that he dropped out of school two years ago. With help from PMRS, a non-profit based in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Basel was able to receive a brand new GEN_2 wheelchair. He was so excited and has been able to return to school. He hopes that the local YMCA will help him to open a small business.



It always amazes me the goals our recipients can achieve with the gift of a new wheelchair. It is wonderful that a boy once too shy to ask classmates for help to use the restroom has gained enough confidence to go back to school with plans to start his own business. It is because of your support Basel will become a productive citizen in his community. Thank you!


Don Schoendorfer


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