Greetings , and happy Friday Monday!

Since the start of the Matching Gift Challenge we have traveled to Botswana, China, Chile, Ecuador, India, and now to Nepal where we meet a young lady whose wish to receive a wheelchair has come to be.

21 year old Kabita has been struggling with physical deformities since birth. They have left her legs weak and underdeveloped. Walking has never been an option for her since her family’s low income never afforded her the medical care she needed. Fortunately she has a loving family who has always cared for her, including carrying her on their backs.  For years her brother has been searching for a wheelchair for his sister but has always fallen short since all the wheelchairs he found were just too expensive. Then he learned about a partnership with the Nepal Disabled and Helpless Empowerment Foundation and Free Wheelchair Mission. For years Kabita has felt no one outside of her family cared for her. After receiving her GEN_1 wheelchair from FWM she knew she was cared for and said, “I have no words to express my happiness with you.”



Kabita was born in the Citwan region of Nepal. “Citwan” means Heart of the Jungle. It is clear that this young lady is the heart of the jungle for her family: they have lovingly cared for her, struggling to make her daily existence more comfortable. Thanks to you, Kabita knows God is caring for and watching over her. THANK YOU!


Don Schoendorfer

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