Greetings, and happy Friday Monday!

Since the Matching Gift Campaign began a few weeks ago, we have brought you from one side of the earth to other: Botswana and China. This week let’s take a trip to the other side of the earth – Chile – and introduce you to a young man who our partner, FEDES, has fitted with a small GEN_2 wheelchair.

Matias is one of the perkiest 6 year olds you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t say much, but his smile does a lot of talking for him. In his short life he’s already become such a community personality that the neighborhood police force has already awarded him an honorary membership, complete with uniform. The Chief of Police even brought Matias and his parents to pick up his new wheelchair! 

Due to an overdose of oxygen when he was being treated for a severe cold at 8 months old, Matias has been left with brain damage, a deformation in his spine and underdeveloped in motor skills and speech. It has also left him unable to walk. But little Matias is determined to learn to use his wheelchair to push himself around. When told the wheelchair was a gift of love from God, he smiled extra big and whispered something to his mother. She told us “We know it must be arranged from heaven because it is just so right, almost like it was made for him. Matias says it was because he prayed and God answered.”


Thank you for making the prayers of an energetic 6 year old come true. Like Matias is doing in his picture, I salute you for making a difference in people’s lives each and every day. We truly could not do it without you – thank you!


Don Schoendorfer


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