Greetings , and happy Friday Tuesday!

Last week I brought you a story from Botswana, from one side of the earth. This week our story brings you to the other side, China.

Lili is 28 years old and lives with her parents. She became ill when she was a young girl which resulted in her not being able to walk, as she has no feeling in either leg. For the last 18 years she has been lying in her bed and has not been able to go outside. Her mother works hard selling groceries and toys for children, but her father has cancer so any spare money has gone to help buy him medication. So Lili’s parents have not been able to afford her a wheelchair. Due to her illness and lack of mobility she has formed open sores on her feet. The wheelchair you have provided for her will allow Lili to get to a hospital where she can receive treatment for her feet, which should heal quickly. You have made an immediate impact in her life! “I am so excited for my daughter”, Lili’s mom shouted in excitement, “She can finally go outside and have the sun on her face.” 


Thank you for helping people around the earth receive the gift of mobility. Because of you, individuals like Lili will see sunshine tomorrow, for perhaps the first time in 18 years – THANK YOU!



Don Schoendorfer


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