As the first Friday Story of our 5th annual Matching Gift Challenge, I want to thank you for your passion and dedication to serving individuals around the globe. You have a unique opportunity at this time to transform two lives with the single gift of a wheelchair. Today I want to introduce to you one such individual that you have helped with your gift of a wheelchair.

Our partner in Botswana, World Community Counselling Centre, shared with us a story about a young man named Katlego. Although Katlego has a physical disability, his parents care for him deeply and wanted to replace an old, broken wheelchair he has had for many years. His old wheelchair was so worn out, it could no longer be used, but Katlego’s parents could not afford one. They felt helpless in trying to give their son the mobility aid that he so desperately needed. When they received their free wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission, the family all had huge smiles on their faces and thanked God for the organization and for the person who helped to make their dream come true.

Thank you– without you, Katlego would be on the ground and a burden to his family. With his new wheelchair, he is not a burden and he can rejoice in the Lord and your blessings upon him –thank you.

Words truly do not express my gratitude for you and your blessings – I rejoice in the Lord for you and your partnership – thank you!


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