kidsToday’s ambassador highlight comes to you from a local church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (GSLC) in Irvine! GSLC featured Free Wheelchair Mission as their cause for giving during this summer’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) week. The kids were divided into three teams; Red, Blue, and Gold and set to compete against one another to see who could bring in the most change in efforts to give away 30 wheelchairs by the end of the week. Linh, a wheelchair recipient from Vietnam, was in Irvine this summer visiting FWM for our annual Gala and shared at the VBS program about how her life was transformed through the gift of a wheelchair. After hearing her story the kids were inspired to increase their goal to 50 chairs. As the children learned at VBS to care for the least of these, they responded in lemonade stands, extra chores around the house and even went door to door in their neighborhoods sharing the work of FWM and their efforts to transform lives.  Francheska Anderson, a mom, shared

We had 10 kids from 6-11 years old helping at a lemonade stand. They were so impacted by the woman who shared her story, that they shared it with others who came to the stand. They also made banners showing stick figures in wheel chairs. These kids were so fired up to help others and make a change in their lives!

By the end of the week the kids had raised enough for 90 wheelchairs, tripling their original goal! The staff and volunteers were amazed by the response. Pastor Ryan, from GSLC said:

Free Wheelchair mission allowed our Vacation Bible School Children a tangible outreach project to give their offering money toward.  Having Linh from Vietnam, in her own wheelchair, and sharing her testimony was a highlight of the week.  The children not only understood how a wheelchair could change someone’s life physically, but the fact that the wheelchair allowed her to go to church and learn about Jesus really impressed them.  We will certainly partner with Free Wheelchair mission in the future.

God moved in the hearts of the children and families at GSLC in ways they have never before seen at VBS. These kids truly are living out the gospel message. Thank you to GSLC and all the children at VBS this year who helped change 90 lives! That is 90 individuals, families and communities that are impacted because of your passion to help lift a life off the ground and into a wheelchair.

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