Greetings , and happy Tuesday!

It is a joy to bring you this story from our partners in Peru, Camino de Vida:

Eleven years ago Erin’s mother arrived at the hospital expecting to give birth to a healthy baby. A sonogram revealed that some complications had set in and an emergency caesarean was necessary. Unfortunately the operation cost $200 that Erin’s family didn’t have and the hospital refused to perform the procedure until the family was able to pay—three days went by before they could gather the money. The operation was difficult and Erin was born with several disabilities. She now lives with her grandparents in Lima, while her mother works and studies at a university in another city, supporting the family on her small income. When Camino de Vida, came to give Erin her FWM wheelchair, her grandmother, Claudia, couldn’t believe it. She was so thankful for the chair—and she thought that we were just letting her borrow it. When we told her, “no, no—this is a gift for you,” tears welled up in Claudia’s eyes. “Erin isn’t a little girl anymore,” Claudia explained, “and my husband injured his back 15 years ago. Moving her around the house was getting difficult, and taking her outside was impossible. “Now Erin can leave the house, and she loves riding in her chair. Thank you to everyone who have made this possible.”


We often take mobility for granted as we go about our lives. But Erin’s grandmother, even as the wheelchair sat in front of her, could not believe this was something they could keep free of charge. Yet that’s just the gift they were able to receive, and they were able to receive it because you provided it for them. Thank you for making the unbelievable, believable.

Don Schoendorfer


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