Greetings , and happy Friday Monday!

Sometimes we all need someone to help us. Maybe we’re moving, maybe we need someone to watch the house, or maybe we need someone to give us a ride to the airport. And, fortunately, for most of us there is someone who can help. Then there are times where the need for assistance is more pressing as Mr. Sebaka’s story, from World Vision – Lesotho, shows us:

World Vision is truly committed to the betterment of the lives of people in need. It is this commitment that led us to donate a wheelchair to Mr. Sebaka (age 80). Mr. Sebaka lives alone and spends most of his time inside the house —he has virtually no use of his left leg. He cooks for himself, but a bucket of water costs M1.00, paraffin another M5.00, and someone else has to go to the shop and get it for him. If nobody stops by his home, Mr. Sebaka must go days without food. For emergencies he keeps a rope tied to his left leg to force it to move if he must go out, but if he falls and no good Samaritan happens by to help him up, it can be hours before any help comes. His wheelchair will make getting around his home much easier, and even allow him to go outside on his own. “May God bless you for what you have done for me. I will use this small ‘donkey‘ to get out of the house” he said with a smile pointing at the wheelchair.”God is no child, He looks after me. May God bless you for this small ‘donkey.’”


Mr. Sebaka counted on “good Samaritans” to help him with many of his daily activities—everything from going outside to enjoy the sunlight to being able to eat depended on others willingness to help. Now that he has his new “donkey,” he can be much more independent. There were many Good Samaritans who helped Mr. Sebaka with his daily needs—thanks to your generosity, you can be counted among them.

Don Schoendorfer


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