Greetings , and happy Friday Tuesday!

This week our story comes from our partners in Peru, Camino de Vida. Carlos is an amazing child with a big heart and I am so happy to share his story with you:

Carlos is a happy 9 year old who lives with his mom, dad, older brother, and dog Tobi. Born with cerebral palsy, Carlos’ family was able to get physical therapy for him as a baby through a government program but was ineligible for the program once Carlos turned four years old. Without the government program, his parents had to find another option. His mom tries to take him to therapy twice a week, but the lines are long and the number of therapists is very small. Carlos had another wheelchair when he was younger, but that fell to pieces after a few years of use. A friend allowed them to borrow another wheelchair, but it wasn’t the right size and they returned it. When Isabel, Carlos´ mom, heard about Camino de Vida and Free Wheelchair Mission she knew she needed to get a chair for her son. When Carlos received his chair he was very excited. And he began to push himself down the sidewalk and all the kids in the neighborhood came out to play with him. Now they like to pretend Carlos is a race car driver and push him down the street. Carlos’ wheelchair has brought him freedom: he especially enjoys going outside and playing with Tobi. “I believe that my son will be able to overcome his difficulties, grow up, and have a normal life. This wheelchair is a step in the right direction and I just want to thank all of you who have made this possible,” said Isabel. “I know there are a lot of other kids like my Carlitos who need wheelchairs. God bless you all.”


So often kids have a perspective on life that is beyond what adults would think of. For Carlos, his wheelchair is so much more than just a mobility aid—for him, it is a race car. I love to see that: I love seeing the world of creativity and mobility that a wheelchair can open up for recipients. And I love to pass that joy along to you.

Don Schoendorfer


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