Greetings , and happy Friday Monday!

We had received a message from our partners in Thailand a while ago about one of our recipients who had just had surgery to remove brain cancer. We just got an update from them and wanted to share it with you.

071513We had sent you the story last year of a recipient who had just survived surgery to remove brain cancer. The visit with that person proved to be both wonderful and uplifting for us at the end of a long day of of distributions. she had recently been given a prosthetic skull cap to help provide protection and support to the front part of her skull that had been removed during the first surgery. Not only that, but her memory had returned to her- she recognized all of us, and seems to be on the mend. My wife and I had list visited her in the hospital just before her surgery and we were so excited to see her again. during our visit she sat in her Gen_2 wheelchair, smiling the whole time. FWM brought hope to lives that had no hope – thank you all.

We know that a wheelchair cannot solve all of life’s challenges, but we also know that it can help ease burdens. That is certainly the case here, and is true in every one of the 87 countries worldwide that FWM wheelchairs call home. As you go into the weekend, know that you give a gift in mobility that extends far beyond just a simple mobility aid. Know that you also give hope to some who felt they had none.

Don Schoendorfer


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