Our Team in El Salvador is continuing to do wonderful work and help provide mobility to those in need! Check out their experience from day two.

On Day Two of the El Salvador trip, the team travelled to the southeast to the Usulutan Department for a mass distribution, joined by the Governor. Usulután rests in a rich agricultural valley and has very high and humid temperatures most of the year. It certainly did today as you can see from the photos! It is the home of the former El Salvadorian President from 2004 – 2009.  

Today we saw the wide need for free wheelchairs, from accidents to polio.

Jose is a strong young man who broke his back in a fall from a coconut tree. After receiving his chair, he joined right in assembling chairs for others- you can see him in the red shirt working with volunteer Cuelsalvador71213rtis.

Manuel is a 30 year old little person, sporting silver shoes and a big personality. His brother will help him get around in his new chair. He stayed and watched all the activity until the very end.

Vincente had broken his hip at 59 years old, so just recently required a need for a chair. His wife, a small women, had a difficult time getting him around, but now her life as a caregiver is a lot easier. Many times today, we saw how a wheelchair really provides some freedom to two people in each family, not just the individual receiving the chair.

One older lady, pictured here in her red, white and blue dress is 94 years old and dreamed of having a wheelchair before she died. Well, she rolled home in one today! Dream come true!el salvador 71213 2

We then traveled farther south to Puerto Parada on the Pacific Coast. Down a dirt road, to some small huts with no electricity or running water. Here we encountered Rosa, 21 years old, suffering most of her life from the devastating effects of polio. Her mother has been carrying her for four years, since her last wheelchair broke down on the rough terrain. The mountain bike tires of her new chair will be able to handle the dirt road in this rural area. Studies show 66% of the world’s poorest live in remote rural areas around the world; areas we serve gladly!

The Governor asked us to make the next shipment as soon as we can. The news spread fast today and he received a flood of requests from people in his area of the country.

el salvador 71113 3
Another recipient who received a Gen_2

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