Dear friends,

Linh was two months old when she was diagnosed with Polio. In a matter of days she was totally paralyzed. For the next few months she was in the hospital and, slowly but surely, Linh was able to regain the use of her hands.

“I was so sad because I would look at people who could walk and go wherever they wanted. I wanted to be able to do that, but I couldn’t…[o]ther times, I just wanted to give up. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything,” Linh says, “I just had to watch people from my bed.” For ten years Linh prayed to whatever god was listening to somehow get a wheelchair. For ten years she hoped. Finally Linh’s answer came. She told her father, “now I can move—you walk home alone and I will meet you there!” At first her arm strength wasn’t enough to push herself in the wheelchair, but a spark of independence and renewed sense of self-worth were already manifesting in Linh. Thanks to her wheelchair, she would never have to see the world through only a window—now the world was her window.


She has bloomed into a young woman who owns her own business, supports her family, and can’t help but beam when reflecting on the mobility she now has thanks to her wheelchair. Every time a wheelchair is gifted through Free Wheelchair Mission, it’s because someone’s generosity overflowed their hearts. And a story is written. This is Linh—and hers is a story thatyouhave helped write. Hers is a smile you have helped give.

Our 10th Annual Magic of Mobility event is coming up on July 23rd. We would love for you to have an opportunity to meet Linh face to face. You can get more information and purchase your tickets by following the link below.

Don Schoendorfer


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