We are grateful for all the creative ways our ambassadors choose to get involved—this week we had a group of corporate ambassadors come up with a fun way to get involved with FWM and lift 55 people into brand new wheelchairs!

A former ambassador and faithful supporter of ours, Bryant Eaton, nominated us to be the charity for his company’s quarterly giving campaign this past spring. For one month, Aliant Insurance Services asked staff to pay $25 and in return they could wear jeans to work for a month. These denim-wearing advocates came out in force and every pair of jeans sent support to Free Wheelchair Mission.

The staff, excited for an opportunity to dress more comfortably, jumped in feet first! Aliant’s160 employees were able to fundraise $3,935 – enough for 55 wheelchairs! We were blown away by the enthusiasm of Aliant Insurance Services’ staff to make this event such a success. Because of their awesome generosity and the clever idea to wear denim for mobility, 55 individuals will now get the gift of mobility.

Ambassadors are always coming up with new ways to get involved. We love hearing about people putting their passion (and denim) to work to give others the lift of a lifetime! Thanks Aliant, for your creativity and partnership with us!


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