Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

The effects of armed conflict are often felt for many years after the firing has ceased. For Ángela in Nicaragua, and for many of the individuals we serve, this is a stark reality. But there is hope.

Ángela is 45 years old and lives with her husband and daughter. Silvia, their daughter, sells firewood to provide food for the household. Ángela has been sitting confined to a chair in the home for nearly 10 years. She says, “it all happened when I was in the mountains educating an illiterate community during the time of the Sandinistas. They fired a chernala at me, a type of grenade that sticks to you before exploding. Thankfully it did not explode but it damaged my nerves. I began limping and gradually lost the ability to walk.” When she received her wheelchair, her ability to move—to visit friends, to help around the house, and go out into her village—was restored. “I thank God and you, Free Wheelchair Mission and ANF, for the gift you have given us today. I need the wheelchair very much. God bless you so that you continue helping others in need.”

Ángela’s battle started when the battle around her left her wounded. But Ángela is a fighter. She is a wife. She is a mother. And thanks to your partnership, she is mobile as well. Thank you for giving Ángela the gift of mobility. Thank you for helping bring joy in the wake of conflict.

Don Schoendorfer


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