Greetings, and happy Friday Monday!

I love bringing you these stories every week and letting you know that your partnership with us means the world to the people we serve—an average of 198 wheelchairs are given outevery day thanks to you. This week I want you to meet Nanay in the Philippines—she’s quite the story-teller herself.

Nanay is known for never running out of stories to tell. Having worked for 47 years in the home for the local mayor, she’s certainly had her fair share of excitement. Ms. Nanay was a cook and renowned for her adobong manok—a Filipino Adobo dish made with chicken. Now 63, Nanay fondly recalls the memories of harvesting seasons and vibrant parties she cooked for. It’s in this house she met her husband and raised their eight children. Three years ago Nanay suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed. Although the family she served took her in and cared for her, she was unable to get the wheelchair she needed. When Operation Blessing visited Nanay to tell her she would receive a new wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission, her eyes welled up with tears. She was so grateful for the gift and couldn’t stop expressing thanks for the blessing she received. When asked where she would go in her wheelchair, Nanay grinned and said, “the sea. I will go to the sea with my youngest son, Franco.
I want to feel the sand under my feet again.”

Nanay loves to tell stories, and so do I, but this one is only possible because you helped write it.
Thank you for allowing Nanay to visit the sea again with her son. Thank you for letting her feel the sand under her feet again. Thank you for giving Nanay mobility.

Don Schoendorfer

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