Greetings and happy Friday Tuesday!

This week our story comes from our partners in Nicaragua, ANF. Francisco was climbing a tree near his home one day when a fall left him with a broken pelvis and back. Already struggling to make ends meet on an income earned working on a coffee farm, the situation was desperate. He tells us:

From the hospital in Ocotal they took me to Managua, and I was there for 8 days. They told me I needed an operation, but it cost $300 and I could not afford it. Then they were going to put me in a cast, but they never did and in the end they just sent me home. My wife and I had to beg just to have bus fare to get home. Thank you Free Wheelchair Mission and ANF, for your compassion and efforts to help the poor and disabled like me—I’m hoping to find a way to earn a living with my wheelchair. Now I can go to church which I haven’t been able to since the accident and to the health center to have my bandages changed. I can even visit my mom. May God bless all those who helped me.

Monday Recap 060413

Although Francisco still has a road of recovery ahead of him, he can look forward knowing that his community stands with him—and that his wheelchair will help him along. Thank you for giving Francisco his mobility back, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Don Schoendorfer


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