Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

This week we got a story from Indonesia that I wanted to share with you about two children who have hope for a better tomorrow. Obor Berkat Foundation writes:

Maisaroh was haunted by her feelings of guilt towards her children. Mira and Ujang are both unable to walk, and Maisaroh felt that she was somehow responsible. “If I could take my legs off and give them to my children,” Maisaroh says, “I would.” It was hard for Maisaroh—she felt helpless and hurt, often seeing Mira and Ujang mocked by others. “Each day I would pray that I could help my children,” says Maisaroh. One day Maisaroh and her husband received word that their help was coming thanks to Free Wheelchair Mission and the Obor Berkat Indonesia Foundation. Two wheelchairs arrived at their home for Mira and Ujang. With these wheelchairs both of them can now do their activities in and out of the house and their peers have stopped making fun of them. Thank you Free Wheelchair Mission—the wheelchairs from you gave new hope for a better life to Mira and Ujang.

Thanks to your partnership, Mira and Ujang can be children once again. Two kids who once remained isolated in their home can now go out and play and feel at ease amongst their fellow children. Thank you for bringing this freedom to them. Thank you for giving mobility.


Don Schoendorfer


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