CarrieIn honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, we wanted to introduce you to one of our Moms for Mobility.

Carrie Tendler, like Evan, comes in weekly and helps around the office. She will do just about anything we need. Whether it’s phone calls, mailings, or Excel sheets, Carrie comes in smiling and ready to work. On top of her weekly commitment, Carrie also volunteers outside the office when we need help at events. She is truly one of a kind.

And that’s just to start. On top of all the wonderful things she does when it comes to volunteering, Carrie also helps us fundraise! Currently she has provided 18 wheelchairs and is in the process of putting together a luncheon with her close girlfriends to help raise even more wheelchairs to help mothers receive mobility all around the world.

Carrie became involved in our organization after learning about us back in 2012. Four years before she became an ambassador, her son was in an accident which left him paraplegic and in a wheelchair. Carrie shared with us that she felt blessed that they were able to afford all the equipment that her son needed and that she wanted other mothers and children to have the same ability:

I want to be the voice for these mothers in the developing world who are affected by disability. My heart breaks for these women who are not able to give, or do not have the means to provide, their children with a wheelchair. That is why I fundraise and support Free Wheelchair Mission.

We feel honored to have her as a Mom for Mobility and as an Ambassador.

Thank you Carrie for lending a hand and a voice for moms out there who need help with mobility for themselves or their children. You are such a blessing to them and to us!

2 thoughts on “Ambassador Highlight: A Mom for Mobility

  1. I am so blessed to have Carrie as my daughter and giving of her time and heart to this wonderful cause. My grandson’s are i a treasure to me and the family and I am honored to be part of her Mothers Day gift, along with my other daughter, Keely. Thank you. Love D. Peters

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