Evan Nguyen - Volunteer
Evan Nguyen – Volunteer

We are pleased to introduce you to Evan Nguyen, who we’re recognizing with this week’s Ambassador Highlight. Evan is a huge support to our organization! We are so grateful to all our volunteers, and having a regular volunteer who is able to come in every week is such a blessing to our whole staff. It allows us to focus on other work so that we can continue to give out as many wheelchairs as possible and help keep our cost down.

Evan comes in every Friday and volunteers for a couple hours. While he is here he helps us keep our warehouse clean and organized, logs the display wheelchairs that have come back over the past week, preps the display wheelchairs that are going out in the following week, and helps us make the whole process move efficiently and effectively.

On top of that, Evan puts in time outside of the office to help us continue to do our best. He works hard to get his job done every week and will take the time it needs in or out of the office to do so. We cannot express in words how much we appreciate his sincere dedication!

Evan has also started working on a new project to help us better track our wheelchairs. He came up with the idea on his own and took the initiative to follow through with it. With his help, we will only continue to improve the way that our display wheelchairs are handled and stored.

When Evan was asked why he volunteers for us he said:

I chose to volunteer at FWM because I believe in the mission and I can see that God is doing great things through the mission.  I feel blessed to have this opportunity to be more intentional about loving and serving God’s people. 

We are so grateful for all that he does for us and continues to do out of the goodness of his heart! We honestly could not do all this without his consistent help. Thank you Evan!



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