Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Dear Friends,

Wheelchairs can be a powerful tool for change. Not only in the life of a recipient, but the tens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of other lives recipients can touch. This week our story comes from Steven Colón, President and Founder of our partners in Chile, Fundación FEDES.

I wanted to send an encouraging letter that we just received from our friends at the American Embassy. A group of Diplomats, Marines, and others spent their Saturday assembling wheelchairs and then went out with us to distribute some of them. One of those chairs went to Margarita, 62, who suffers from diabetes and hypertension. A complication of her condition resulted in the loss of her toes making walking very difficult. Her greatest desire was to be able to get out of the slum where she lives with her son and 10,000 others because the air is bad and the smell, worse. Margarita has worked hard with the local government to help provide additional housing in her community but getting around proved to be too difficult. She was so grateful for her wheelchair, joking with the Gringos, and repeatedly thanking God for this miracle. Now, she says, she will be able to go out more and continue helping others. It’s amazing to see a woman living in such poverty with a heart that longs only to serve others.

One of the greatest benefits that can come out of the gift of a wheelchair is to see that spirit of generosity passed on to others. Margarita had always loved serving her community, but without mobility doing so became quite a challenge. Because of her wheelchair, because of your generosity, Margarita can now continue helping her friends and neighbors. Thank you not only for helping Margarita, but allowing her to help the people around her.


Don Schoendorfer


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