Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Dear Friends,

We love to celebrate when an individual is lifted into a wheelchair of their very own—and we love to celebrate when a whole community can be impacted by a donation. We were able to celebrate both of these things with a recent donation in Costa Rica and today I want to share that celebration with you. The Do It Foundation writes:

The whole community of Guayabo was able to take part in the distribution of wheelchairs! Our distribution really brought to light the sense of family around the community. This was especially present when we saw how many people volunteered to assemble wheelchairs, pick up their neighbors to take them to the community center for the distribution, set up the facility to host the event, and prepare food—ADEBAM, a local partner of ours, was especially active in making sure the event was a success.CCSS and the Lions Club of Ciudad Colon were also at the distribution and promised to continue supporting the community. Many people were able to receive the wheelchairs they needed, as well as the local hospital that received some chairs to improve their services as well.

Your simple gift made all this possible. Volunteers came together to help put on the distribution, giving  their own time and resources to aid the people most in need. Groups that may not otherwise work together did just that to make sure that individuals with disabilities are supported however possible. People who needed wheelchairs got them, and even the local hospital received wheelchairs, meaning that people who may not need a chair now but might in the future will be well taken care of. All of this is possible only because of your generosity. As you go into your weekend, thank you for celebrating with us.

Don Schoendorfer


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