Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Dear Friends,

The gift of mobility is so much more than just a wheelchair. It’s true, a wheelchair is probably the most tangible part of it, but mobility brings so much more to the table than just a way to get around. This week’s story comes from our partner Robert Kalatschan, with Giving it Back to Kids in Vietnam:

We left our hotel early in the morning to attend a wheelchair distribution in Quang Nam. In my morning quiet time, I asked God to lead me to those who he would have me speak to. At the distribution I met an elderly woman named Thanh, and her husband. A stroke left Thanh paralyzed and it made her exceptionally sad that she had to rely on her husband for even the smallest of daily needs. Although she cries often, her grandchildren are a blessing for her. The moment I asked about them, she began to smile. I continued asking “does being with your grandchildren make you happy.” She nodded–and guess what: her tears were gone! A smile crept across her face, a beautiful smile, and she hugged me…A little later in the distribution I looked over and she was talking to Tam my country director smiling and even openly laughed! I had given God a small prayer, but he answered in a big way. 

When we give out wheelchairs to people, we do so because we don’t want to be a group that simply talks about Jesus’ love for the poor and the sick in some sort of abstract, ethereal sense. We give out wheelchairs because we want to show what that love looks like. Thanks to the gift of a wheelchair, Thanh was able to experience that love—and able to smile again because of it. Thank you for giving wheelchairs. Not only wheelchairs, but smiles.

Don Schoendorfer


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