Racing in Darby, MT
Racing in Darby, MT

It’s always exciting when we have a ‘first’ come through from our Ambassadors. This week, we have two. As far as we can tell, this team includes some of our first animal ambassadors. That leads to the second ‘first’—this is the first time we’ve had a dog-sled team participate as a member of Team Mobility.

Prancer and Bell ham it up for the camera.
Prancer and Bell ham it up for the camera.

Yes, you read that correctly, we had our first team ever “mush” for mobility and we must say that it was pretty cool to receive this update from Troy, Linda, Julia, and Curtis with Five Degrees Sled Dog Kennel.

Julia and some of the dogs training hard before a race
Julia and some of the dogs training hard before a race

Troy wrote us a quick note explaining where the idea came from:

Here is part of the story that shows how God works: My wife and I were in Poland a few years ago teaching at a ministers’ conference. There was a great deal of information and great words from the Lord shared during the conference…I guess [I] naturally I expected God to speak to me. This is what I got out of that whole experience, “when you feed the dogs, you feed the gospel.” I was a little like, ‘okay, so what does this mean?’ I tried to repeat that to my wife, and was so overtaken I just wept.

To most people those words would be a bit ambiguous, but to a team of dog-sled racers they fell into place.

To this day, even as I write it, I am overcome with emotion. I believe that this is it, the answer to those seemingly crazy words to anyone else but mean so much to us and those who are in mobility need.

Troy and Five Degrees had a pretty incredible season this year as Julia and Troy race the sleds while Linda and Curtis act in support.

Troy and Julia in West Yellowstone after 1st place finishes
Troy and Julia in West Yellowstone after 1st place finishes

We have concluded our racing season with three first place finishes…a lot of work goes into each of those podiums. This is our first year of racing where we decided to dedicate a wheel chair for each win. Our plan is to present this goal to others that want to join with us and commit to a number of chairs for each race finish. We hope to get a much larger number of chairs by getting others behind us and participating in a sponsorship of Five Degrees Racing.

Three wins means three wheelchairs and three people who will now have the gift of mobility–hopefully with many, many more to come! All of us want to congratulate the team on their great season and thank Five Degrees Kennel—Troy, Linda, Julia, and Curtis—for their hard work in using their talents to give the gift of mobility around the world. And of course, we’d be remiss not to thank all the dogs as well: Charlie, Lucy, Sally, Snoopy, Prancer, Moose, Payette, Annie, Sham Wow, Tempest, Arthur, Bell, Dobie and Bannouc—if you pups are ever in the area we’ve got some milk bones with your names on them!


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