Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite parts about Free Wheelchair Mission is being able to not only tell you about what a wheelchair means in the lives of recipients, but actually showing you. We met Alexandra while working with our partner, World Vision, in El Salvador.

Alexandra and BlancaAlexandra, 10, lives in the district of Usulután with her mother, Blanca. “[T]wo years ago, she was diagnosed with Legg Perthes…[leaving] her immobilized in bed,” explains Blanca. Despite her condition, Alexandra did not drop out of school. She used to walk with orthopedic assistance, but she would get extremely tired doing so. “With the wheelchair that World Vision donated [to] us it is now easier to mobilize her at home or to take her to school,” Blanca adds,“…I thank the donors with all my heart. God will repay them for what they are doing for us,” she says. The wheelchair donated to Alexandra was just one of 550 wheelchairs that were distributed among the neediest communities where World Vision El Salvador works. Rene Portillo, a local government official says, “These wheelchairs are a blessing for the neediest families. I want to thank the donors because this is a contribution that responds to the needs of the people.”

When Mr. Portillo speaks of responding to the needs of the people, I want to really point out how visceral that statement is. Alexandra used to have to struggle mightily to get to school—now, instead, she can get to school and around her home with much more ease. Your gift has made that possible. You heard her call and you answered; you saw her need and you responded. Thank you.

Don Schoendorfer


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