2013 ASICS LA Marathon

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love our runners and volunteers! St. Patrick’s Day was last Sunday and while most people were out celebrating in the manner of their choosing, there was another group of people who weren’t just celebrating the life of a saint, but they were emulating the lives of so many saints as well. The ASICS LA Marathon happened to fall on St. Paddy’s day this year and Team Mobility was out in full force, green gear and all.

Our team of 20 runners came through huge for person’s with physical challenges living in the developing world averaging a little over 5 wheelchairs raised per person, 106 wheelchairs in all–awesome!

106 wheelchairs? High-five indeed!
106 wheelchairs? High-five indeed!

Festivities started on Saturday where FWM had a booth set up at the Nutribullet Marathon Expo. Amidst the commotion of a packed exposition hall, people from around the world (some even rolled up straight from LAX, luggage and all!) gathered together to pick up their bibs and t-shirts and see some of the groups at the marathon—including us! We were able to have Team Mobility runners and curious race-goers alike stop by, say hi, and see what FWM is up to.

Gabe, FWM Staffer Ariel, and volunteers/runners John and Zef Jaramillo
Gabe Cordell, FWM Staffer Ariel, and volunteers/Team Mobility runners John and Zef Jaramillo

We were especially excited to meet one of our newest Ambassadors, Gabriel Cordell, who competed in the marathon using a standard wheelchair. Gabe will be rolling across the country in it as part of his documentary, “Roll with Me,” chronicling his life’s journey and showing people just how resilient the human spirit can be.

Race day came and our Team Mobility athletes did an amazing job running and rolling for us. We also made sure that runners were as comfortable as possible (given the fact they were running a really, really long way) with our hospitality set-up at mile 13.1.

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One of the highlights was seeing so many people participate in the charity half-marathon relay—in general the LA Marathon is a full 26.2 but with the advent of the charity relay, runners can now run a half, with a friend, for charity!

As always our runners and volunteers were rock stars and on behalf of the 106 people who are getting a wheelchair thanks to your hard work—thank you!

If you’re interested in running for Free Wheelchair Mission we have a ton of events coming up. Head over to www.teammobility.org to see what we’ve got cooking!



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